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About Us

Design significantly influences the way an organization is perceived in the marketplace, but more importantly plays a critical role in the fortunes of any organization as seen in the public eye.

Even the most short-lived piece of communication can contribute to the attainment of long-term goals that an organization sets for itself. Meyers Design, Inc., believes in a commitment to these goals, and we work with you to ensure that your goals are met.

With careful evaluation of your organization’s marketing needs and budget parameters, Meyers Design, Inc. focuses on minimizing costs and maximizing effectiveness of all graphic communications material.

One measure of our success is based on our ability to work with a client to identify a tone and creative direction that reflects their unique strategy and vision. We utilize a strategic approach that first seeks out a thorough understanding of your business, your competitors, your target markets and your goals. Only then do we introduce solutions that will work for your specific needs. These solutions require a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Meyers Design, Inc. has both.

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